Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and saviour Yahushua HaMashiach.

So as I said in my last post I have been studying and trying to have proper understanding of my beliefs and faith since the end of last year. I can I assure you that it’s been tough but gaining new knowledge is always a good thing as it is enlightening and gives further appreciation of what you already know especially about God’s affairs. Today I have some new information that I would like to share with you in good faith. This is not meant to offend anyone but if it does due to the challenging of your deeply entrenched beliefs maybe this would be the appropriate time to start questioning what you thought you knew.

Obviously ‘Christianity’ as we know it today has it’s origins from the Catholic church as other churches did not exist until the protestant reformation occurred. Thus it is important to start with the mother. Belief in the Messiah and the spread of the gospel to the gentiles (non-Israelites) started with Saul (Paul) who brought the good news to Rome, Palestine, Greece e.t.c . In Rome the believers who received Paul’s letters and held the Messiah’s teachings in their raw and pure nature dearly, were greatly persecuted because the monotheistic nature of their beliefs was in conflict with Roman polytheism. The Romans, like the Greeks had various gods e.g., Zeus, Demeter, Apollo and others. The statues of the idols were all over the cities, thus the Emperor couldn’t bear having a significant portion of the population undermining the gods, thus the persecutions.

However, in 313 the new Emperor, Constantine declared “Christianity” (i.e., Catholicism) as the main religion, driven by political motives. To make the religion more appealing to the masses, the Emperor in alliance with the church clergy modified the religion to fit their old religious beliefs by a process of “christianisation”. For example, although the Romans had many gods the popular religion in the nation was Mithaism, whose followers worshiped the sun or the ‘sun-god’. So the Emperor and the Pope started depicting the Messiah as the sun-god, hence, pictures of him with the sun behind his head started circulating and are still popular even today. Also, as result of this even more pagan customs flooded into the church. These included: the celebration of Christmas, which is the birthday of the sun-god; praying for the dead which was adopted from Hellas; praying over wax candles; worshiping on Sun-day instead of the Sabbath, a practice of sun-worshippers; celebrating Easter instead of Passover or the Tabernacle of unleavened bread; worshiping dead saints such as Mary and Joseph and praying to angels; and finally, kissing the pope’s feet. Consequently, this brought a lot of idolatry and spiritual adultery within the church.


Constantine and the Clergy were so determined to popularize and make ‘Christianity’ secular so much that they started selling it through paintings (e.g., pictures of the last super, heaven, hell and ‘Jesus’). Hence, it is not a coincident that the most popular image of ‘Jesus’ that we know today is a picture of Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander the 6th. By the way, the popes also used the heaven and hell paintings to rob people of their money. They convinced them that they were guaranteed to get into heaven if they gave more money and that the tithes would save their dead relatives from the fiery purgatory. The Roman Catholic clergy also had so much power that they eliminated holy books (scriptures from the bible) that they thought would frighten people from becoming part of the ‘church’. These were the Book of Enoch and the Gospel of Nicodemus among numerous others. They replaced the Most High’s name, YHWH (Yahweh = Yah the self existent one) with Lord, God and even Jehovah, and also replaced the Messiah’s name, Yahushua (which means Yah saves) with Jesus Christ. This didn’t occur until about 500 years ago when one of their monks experimented with the letter “i” by putting a hook at the bottom of it and vouloir the letter “j” was created.

You may have noticed that I put the word Christianity in quotation marks throughout the text and there is a reason for that: The Greeks had a sun-god called Christ Helios and the sun deity of the Romans was called Chrestos Mithras (obviously this is where you get the “Christ”, hence, “Jesus Christ”). Also the followers of these idols were called Christians, so I’m gonna leave it to you to make the conclusion here…

Grace and love be with you friends!:-)

For more information or verification of facts please follow the links below:…/the-true-origin-of-the-wo…


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